Creating secure industries

What is rtm?

We are a company focused in solving production tasks and problems in the industry in an interdisciplinary way.

We are people capable of carrying out “turnkey” projects from beginning to end.

We pair with our clients and give them support from the planning, construction, and follow-up of their projects.

  • To solve the client’s engineering problems.
  • To carry out projects in due form and time.
  • To optimize the client’s resources, timing, and movements.
  • To provide our clients with cutting-edge technology.
  • To provide engineering services for developing, constructing and operating the country’s infrastructure.
  • To develop an entrepreneurial collective consciousness.
  • To be a trustworthy company that gives reassurance to its clients, as well as to tis employees and suppliers, thus developing an entrepreneurial collective consciousness that has an impact in the international market.
  • To be a company well known for providing unique, limitless and customized solutions to the most difficult problems, adding cutting-edge technology to every solution.

We are a dynamic and flexible company that provides services inside and outside Mexican territory.

Need some help?

Urgent technical assistance

We help companies to get out of emergency situacions effectively. 

Your problems became our problem.

We fulfill our commitments with quality and safety.