rtm of México

Creating safe industries.

With over 15 years of experience, we are Mexico’s industrial construction company, and specialize in building safe industries by implementing “turnkey” engineering projects.

We cover different areas: civil construction, electromechanics, automation and instrumentation, software development, industrial communication networking, besides offering consulting and industrial work supervision services.

Founders, Real Time Management de México S.A. de C.V.


We are highly experienced in the construction of hydraulic, infrastructure, urbanization, metallic, mechanic and electric structure, and all kinds of engineering works.

The company has a highly trained staff and a wide range of machinery, which successfully develop the construction projects our clients require. The technology and cutting edge we are always looking forward to allow us to control the work progress through a computer and monitoring system, allowing us to always provide the best service.

Our accumulated experience enables us to offer our services in urban construction projects, such as: Urbanization, buildings, industrial premises, special facilities, infrastructure projects such as the construction of roadways, drain lines and drinking water supply lines, waterworks, facility maintenance, etc.

  • To put technological tools in our clients’ hands that will allow them to manage resources in real time with international standards.
  • To provide our clients with high technology to create world-class enterprises.
  • To provide the engineering services required for developing, constructing and operating the country’s infrastructure.
  • To be a company well known for providing unique, limitless and customized solutions to the most difficult problems, adding cutting-edge technology to every solution.
  • To be the ideal company for our employees, clients and suppliers.
  • To foster a culture of Technology creation.
  • Accepting challenges and Persevering in the solution.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Integration of unique solutions.
  • To promote the entrepreneurial activity in Mexico in order to improve our clients, partners, suppliers and shareholders’ quality of life.
  • To achieve Total Commitment with our Clients.
  • Satisfaction in the Service provided to our Clients.
  • Competitiveness and productivity.
  • Resource maximization,
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Quality
  • Added Value to our Services.
  • Customized solutions.
We comply with safety standards, in order to operate responsibly, ensuring primarily the well-being, health, and integrity of our employees and clients, as well as of the community in which we work, in compliance with social, fiscal, and local Laws and Regulations.

Our team

of professionals

José Ismael Morales

Industrial Control and Automation


Engineer with 25 years of experience, specialized in electronics, failure diagnosis and correction, electrical assembly, machinery assembly, MP and MC.

Victor Manuel López Hernandez

Project Management


Manager with 15 years of experience; industrial project coordination, strategy formulation, management and leadership.

Paul Minor

IT Support


Engineer with 15 years of experience, specialized in IT support, networks, hardware, and software for industrial use.

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